Vesper XB-8000 AIS Wi-Fi Transponder

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smartAIS® Advantage - Proactive Alarms

Exclusive Vesper Marine Benefits

WiFI anywhere on board

Securely connect up to 5 mobile devices or unlimited devices using a WiFI router

NMEA 2000 Gateway

Translates NMEA 2000 navigation data and routes it over WiFi, USB or NMEA 0183

High Resolution GPS

Fast 5Hz GPS update rate for higher resolution and smoother tracking

WatchMate App

Monitor navigation data, AIS and GPS, manage alarms from your mobile device

Upgradable AIS platform

Get the latest smartAIS features with firmware updates using your smartphone or tablet

Low Power Consumption

Keeps it always on, always visible, always watching

Galvanic isolated USB ports

Protect your transponder and connected equipment (laptops) from high current.

Fully Waterproof IPx7

Can be safely mounted anywhere

Easy To Integrate

Always Alerting

XB-8000 consumes very low power which makes it most effective when power is limited in resource or needs to be conserved.

While cruising, the XB-8000 sounds the alarm in case of a potential collision or a man overboard situation, even when all other equipment like MFDs or mobile devices are switched off. While at anchor, you can sleep soundly knowing fully well that the smartAIS transponder watches out for anchor drag or man overboard situations and sounds the alarm without needing any other equipment.

Universal Compatibility

Vesper Marine is compatible with all the leading brands of marine equipment and MFDs including Raymarine, Garmin, Furuno, Simrad and many more.

Mobile applications

Vesper Marine's transponders are also compatible with a wide variety of mobile, and tablet applications.

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Award Winning Performance

"The best black box a boater can buy"

The Teak Rail

"Revolutionizing offshore sailing"

Practical Sailor


External Alarm and Switch

WatchMate XB-8000 is often mounted in a low profile location behind an instrument panel, but its powerful external alarm and switch can be mounted anywhere on board at a convenient location where you can access it. If the XB-8000 detects a risk situation due to a potential collision, anchor drag or an MOB activation, it sounds the external alarm which operates even if your plotter, MFD or mobile device is turned off. more

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