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From the experts in macerating toilets, Nano toilet utilizes Turbine Technology to produce a powerful, clog-resistant flush. This model is the the ultimate combination of a highly efficient marine toilet and the smallest design capable to offer the same comfort of bigger units. It’s the result of a strong relationship with the market and fulfills new requirements for vessels below 50′ (45m). Thetford Marine product development team has created a design which is extremely elegant, but also very flexible to install, thanks his compact size.

  • Uses 2 check valves and this combined with a water trap ensures there are no odor issues
  • Incredibly quiet operation
  • Can use both raw water and pressure water flush
  • Leaves a clean, dry bowl after every powerful flush
  • User-friendly Eco rocker switch (to reduce energy and water consumption) or a smart flush controller with high end flush and tank control features

The performance of the macerator pump meets all quality standards, while the technology inside the toilet has been further developed to keep the sound emission to the lowest level possible, while limiting the water and electrical consumption to minimal levels. The installation, plumbing and wiring is easy and fast, with virtually no maintenance. The toilet can be operated in combination with two different control panels: Eco rocker switch and Premium Plus.

Also on board of: Chaparral Boats, Monterey, Canados.

China ceramic Italian Ceramic Weight Nano = 17.6 kg (38.8 lbs) Control panels Wide range of control panels
Slient flush Silent flush Low consumption Low consumption Flush 0.5 – 2 L per flush (0.1-0.7 gal per flush)

How it works the Tecma Macerator System

Tecma Toilets System Set Up

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