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*The RAM3 CMP31 Remote Mic is Compatible with the Following Standard Horizon Models:

  • Explorer GX1600
  • Explorer GX1700
  • MATRIX GX2000
  • MATRIX AIS GX2150 / GX2200
  • QUANTUM GX5500S / GX5500SM


  • The Standard Horizon CMP31 Enhanced RAM3 Second Station Remote Control Microphone has a full dot matrix display and soft keys make operation simple and fast
  • Turn the radio on or off and use all DSC functions including Distress
  • When connected to the MATRIX GX3000S, or the QUANTUM SERIES VHF, this remote station mic controls the 30 Watt PA and Hailer functions whether you’re at the Nav station, cockpit, tower or lower helm station.
  • The RAM3 Microphone is supplied with:
    • A 23 feet routing cable and a waterproof panel mount connector.
    • A pair of speaker wires is supplied on the rear of the routing cable for the ease of adding an extension speaker, so you do not need to pull additional wires.
  • Additional Features include:
    • Intercom capability when connected to a compatible Standard Horizon VHF
    • The RAM3 can be extended to up 70 feet using the optional CT - 100 (23 Foot) extension cable.
    • The CMP31 RAM3 is backed by an industry leading 3-year waterproof warranty
  • Sound Level: 80-90 dB across the audio spectrum including highs and lows
    • dB levels are exponential, and estimated at least 30% increase in audio from previous model CMP30
  • The Length of the CMP31 has been increased to 615 mm (24.25") or a 75% increase in the length of the curly cord on the CMP30, which will give the greater access in the cockpit of a sailboat or nav-station

Note: All the normal functions of your Fixed Mount Radio model-- VHF, DSC, setup menus, AIS, Waypoints, compass functions and PA/ Fog modes can be accessed, displayed, and remotely operated via the CMP31,except for your receiver's audio volume setting and squelch level setting The base radio has its own volume and squelch settings. This cannot be controlled by the CMP31. The CMP31 has its own speaker volume and squelch settings that can be controlled by the VOL/SQ button.

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