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With a growing desire to use data to enhance the performance & enjoyment of our sport, Sail-Sense is a revolutionary new sensor which helps you be smarter about your sail management.

Attaches permanently to the sail, measuring key performance data such as Hours of Use, UV, G-Force and Flogging (movement).

Creating a ‘passport’ for your sails, identifying make, model, construction date, dimensions and materials. Sail-Sense also allows a sail to be tracked, traced and located and a full history viewed in real time.

Sail-Sense links via Bluetooth with an App installed on a mobile, tablet, or PC to deliver powerful analytical and performance data. Each Sail-Sense identification code allows multiple sails to be managed through a single device and multiple users can manage a sail’s lifetime history.

Sewn to the sail either on construction or as an aftermarket purchase, Sail-Sense will wake up on movement, immediately logging hours of use, UV Exposure, G-Force and Flogging. 

Sail-Sense users will be able to log, record, review and export all of the data recorded by the Sail-Sense sensor attached to a sail. The Sail-Sense App will provide the interface between Sensor and Users, displaying in a simple clear format.

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