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  • Sealand MasterFlush 7120 Electric Macerating Toilet has the ORBIT 360° Rotating Base and Fresh Water Flush
  • Fitting a standard marine toilet in a small boat head usually meant sacrificing comfort and appearance for the sake of fit and function
  • However, the Omni-directional, ORBIT 360° Rotating Base Installation Technology puts a whole new spin to basic marine heads with the new MasterFlush 7100 Series of Orbit toilets
  • By providing a full 360 degrees of bowl-to-base rotation, the Orbit toilet base can be positioned in any configuration to maximize even the smallest installation space and accommodate diverse plumbing layouts
  • Full 360-degree ORBIT bowl-to-base rotation allows limitless base positioning in small spaces and diverse layouts
    • Several features enhance the installation possibilities of 7100 Series macerator toilets
    • Adjustable toilet base
      • Toilet base can be positioned so that macerator pump housing extends in any direction from the center of the toilet
  • Floor plan flexibility
    • Macerator pump allows toilet to be located up to 40 ft. (12.2 m) away or up to 4 ft. (1.2 m) below holding tank or other discharge line destination
  • Small footprint fits in most any head compartment
  • Employing the same large enameled seat and deep ceramic bowl size of a residential round-front toilet, the 7100 toilet Series introduces a new path to better comfort for owners of small boats
  • Smoothly contoured seat-to-bowl design conveys an expensive look without the extra cost
  • The deep, rounded slope adds not only to the appearance, but also to splash-resistance during use and while underway
  • As with all Dometic MasterFlush toilets, the 7100 Series assures trouble-free, odor-free performance by virtue of its unmatched maceration effectiveness
  • A rugged, glass-filled nylon twin impeller instantly draws effluent into the macerating chamber, where the 10-bladed stainless steel cutting wheel pulverizes waste and ejects it to the discharge line/holding tank
  • Includes powerful macerating flush
  • Uses as little as 1/3-gallon (1.2 liter) per flush
  • Residential-size toilet seat and deep bowl for hygienic use
  • Includes Model DFS-1F Flush Switch
    • "Normal" flush switch
    • Pressure activated
    • Toilet flushes as long as switch is pressed
  • Available 12 Volt DC or 24 Volt DC
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