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Current sailboat designs often have very open cockpits with few options for installing retro-fit instruments. The Arm Pod gives you an option to extend the Rail Pod away from narrow or crowded rails for better viewing with the new Arm Pod. Designed to ensure the Pod is always positioned for best viewing, whatever the angle of the rail.

Arm Mounted

Universal Fixing - Fits pedestal rails from 25mm to 33.7mm (0.98 – 1.33). Fit your display onto standard and curved rails.

Great Viewing Options - Viewing angle can be set upon installation. Cables are routed internally through the clamp and onto the rail.

Increased Protection - Pod seal is manufactured from a high tear strength silicone, it has a very high resistance to heat and UV so you can have confidence that it won’t deteriorate over time.

Supplied Uncut - As standard you will receive your Scanpod uncut.

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