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  • The Raymarine Ev-150 Hydraulic Autopilot System Pack is a complete autopilot-in-a-box kit that is ready to install on boats with hydraulic steering
    • Applications: Small to medium sized hydraulically steered vessels
    • Steering ram capacity between 4.9 cu. in. (80cc) and 14.0 cu in. (230cc)
    • Eliminates the need for complicated set up and calibration
  • Note: The system is for 12-volt DC electrical systems only.
  • Intelligent 9-axis EV sensor core
    • Autopilot automatically evolves and adapts to your vessel's steering characteristics without any user adjustments
    • The result is precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions
  • The Evolution EV-150 system also employs Raymarine's patented Hydro-Balance™ technology
    • Delivers superior autopilot performance for hydraulically steered boats, particularly those with outboard motors and rudder-reference less systems
    • Hydro-Balance automatically compensates for hydraulic system elasticity, steering system asymmetry, and torque steer to keep your boat on-course at trolling speed, cruising speed, and all-out running
  • Anglers will also love the Evolution Autopilot's built-in trolling patterns
    • Let the autopilot work the boat while you prep bait, set your lines and adjust your spread
    • The system is also equipped with Raymarine latest Evolution TrackIQ™ algorithms which deliver tighter track-keeping and faster track acquisition
    • It also uses information on vessel pitch, roll, yaw and heave to stabilize GPS navigation data like course over ground, speed over ground and cross track error for the best possible tracking to waypoints and routes
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