Quantum Q24C 18" (Wired & WiFi) w/10M Power and Data Cables

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  • Raymarine Quantum CHIRP Radar, by FLIR, is the next generation of marine radar featuring CHIRP pulse compression technology
  • Solid state radar, Quantum delivers superior radar imaging on both long and extremely short ranges
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and thin cabling simplifies installation plus Quantum's energy efficient and lightweight design provides safe radiated emissions and substantially reduced power consumption
  • The New Standard in Compact Radar Next Generation CHIRP Pulse Compression Radar Imaging
    • Offshore or within a few yards, Quantum's CHIRP pulse compression radar technology delivers sharper targets with reduced clutter
    • CHIRP Pulse compression technology ensures more energy reaches each target, resulting in superior imaging on long ranges
    • Excellent short-range detection and enhanced target detail with 18' (6m) minimum range (80% improvement over magnetron radars)
    • Immediate awareness – Quantum starts up and is ready to go in seconds
    • Superior interference rejection eliminates noise from other radars
  • Simplified Installation Wi-Fi or thin wire network connectivity
    • Simple Wi-Fi connection between Quantum and any Raymarine LightHouse II powered MFD
  • Quantum's small diameter power cable is easy to route through tight spaces
  • Easy to upgrade – Quantum uses the same bolt pattern as previous generation radars
    • Optional Quantum adapter cable eliminate the need to run new radar cables
  • Energy Efficient and Lightweight Design 50% lighter, safe emissions, and low power consumption
    • Weighs 50% less than traditional magnetron radars
  • Safe Emissions thanks to Quantum's low power solid state transmitter
  • Very low power consumption (17 Watts transmit and 7 watts standby)
  • Extended vessel battery life when under sail


  • Radar Type CHIRP Pulse Compression
  • Transmitter Solid State
  • Antenna Size 21.3"
  • Antenna Type Phased Array
  • Maximum Range Scale 24 NM
  • Minimum Range Scale 1/16 NM
  • Interfaces Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet (RayNet)
  • Compatible MFDs
    • a Series Multifunction Displays
    • c Series Multifunction Displays
    • e Series and eS Series Multifunction Displays
    • gS Series Multifunction Displays running LightHouse II Release 16 or higher
  • Input Voltage 12 - 24 Volt DC (Min: 10.8 Volt DC, Max: 31.2 Volt DC)
  • Power Consumption 17 Watt (7 Watt Standby, 2 W Sleep)
  • Dimensions: 21.3"
  • Beam Width: 49° Horizontal / 20° Vertical
  • Power Cable Length: 32 feet (10 m)
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