EV-400 Power Autopilot with p70Rs control head & ACU-400, EV1 Sensor Core, EV1 Cabling kit (suitable for Type 2 & 3 drives)

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  • P70R Control Head, EV-1 Sensor Core, ACU-400, Evolution Cable Kit**
  • *Requires Type 2 or Type 3 Hydraulic Pump (Not Included), 12 - 24 Volt DC
  • Vessel Type: Large Powerboats with Hydraulic Ram Capacity 14.0 - 30.5 cu in
  • Raymarine Evolution EV-400 Power Autopilot Pack Includes:

    • EV-1 Sensor Core (E70096)
    • P70R Control Head (E22167)
    • ACU-400 Actuator Control Unit (E70100)
    • Rotary Rudder Reference Transducer (M81105)
    • Evolution Cable Kit (R70160)


    • General Features
      • Evolution autopilots eliminate the need for complicated set up and calibration – once Evolution is installed, getting started is as easy as switching on the autopilot
      • Thanks to the intelligent EV sensor core, autopilot automatically evolves and adapts to your vessel's steering characteristics without any user adjustments
      • Suitable for large powerboats with hydraulic steering ram capacity 14.0 - 30.5 cu in
      • Requires Type 2 or Type 3 Hydraulic Drive Unit (not included)
    • EV-1 Sensor Core
      • Designed for Evolution mechanical and hydraulic autopilot systems
      • SeaTalk ng networking enables a single cable connection for power and data to the Evolution ACU-200 and extended SeaTalk ng and NMEA 2000 networks
      • Combines advanced solid-state sensors with the Evolution autopilot processor in a single easy-to-install housing
      • Mounted above or below decks, rugged enclosure is fully sealed and built to IPX6 and IPX7 waterproofing / submersion standards
      • 9-Axis sensor monitors vessel motion in (3) dimensions
      • Precision monitoring of heading, pitch, roll, and yaw allows the autopilot to evolve instantly as sea conditions and vessel dynamics change
      • Simple SeaTalk ng connectivity to control head and ACU
      • Solid state sensor technology delivers dynamic accuracy to within 2° in all conditions
      • Auto-compensation for onboard magnetic fields and reliable heading accuracy in northern and southern extremes
      • Fast and reliable heading data for MARPA, radar overlay and heading modes on Raymarine multifunction displays
    • P70R Control Head
      • Combination of rotary dial and push-button controls designed for powerboats
      • New LightHouse user interface is easy to learn and use
      • Start-up wizard helps you configure the pilot quickly and easily
      • Wide 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angles
      • Advanced LED backlighting offers low power consumption, and delivers vibrant color and contrast
      • Anti-reflective coating for improved visibility in bright sunlight
      • Simple system and group dimming / illumination
      • Supported autopilot modes include Auto, Standby, Pattern, Track, Wind Vane, Power Steer and Jog Steer
      • Support for multiple data sources
      • SeaTalk ng / NMEA 2000 and SeaTalk 1 connectivity (no bridging required)
    • ACU-400 Actuator Control Unit
      • Delivers reliable autopilot drive power and provides power to the SeaTalk ng bus
      • Supports Type 2 and 3 Raymarine hydraulic, linear and rotary mechanical drives
      • Provides powerful and secure interface between steering systems and the EV-1 course computer and 9-axis sensor
    • Evolution SeaTalk ng Cable Kit includes:
      • (1) SeaTalk ng power cable (0.4m)
      • (1) SeaTalk ng backbone cable (5m)
      • (1) SeaTalk ng spur cable (0.4m)
      • (1) SeaTalk ng 5-way connector block
      • (2) SeaTalk ng T-piece connector
      • (2) SeaTalk ng terminator
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