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Lewmar Folding Steering Wheel - a must for cruising boaters wanting to open up deck and cockpit space to improve access while moored. This is an off-the-shelf version of Lewmar's innovative custom Folding Wheel at a price that will appeal to a wide market. Conventional wheels act as a barrier across most cockpits, effectively reducing space and movement. The Lewmar Folding Wheel has resolved this problem by introducing this space saving concept.



  • Ingenious patented folding mechanism allows varying wheel diameters to effectively close and
    become less intrusive without the need to remove it and store elsewhere
  • Unique hinging system, which allows fast action handgrip release to fold and unfold the wheel
  • Two-turn buttress-threaded split-spoke design is operated by the simple twist of the composite hand grip
  • Wheel can be folded when not in use to give better visibility to instruments and improved access while under way
  • Comes complete with a fitted handsewn hide cover
  • Single-row six-spoke dished wheel


Dual Hub:
Shaft Compatability
Morse Taper Shaft and 1" Parallel Shaft
Diameters 32" and 36" diameters
for yachts of up to 45 ft (14m)
Cover Brown leather fitted as standard
Pedestal Compatability Fits Whitlock and Newer Edson Pedestals

Includes : Adapter kit to allow fitting onto 1" parallel shafts

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