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Display Features:

  • Building upon B&G's award winning Zeus2 series, the Zeus3 adds an exciting array of features. The SolarMax display offers greater color accuracy with wider viewing angles, and the full keypad provides a complete touch and button based interface. Other additions include built-in Wi-Fi and built-in ForwardScan sonar capability. These features, combined with a faster processor,make for a truly powerful navigation tool for sailors
  • The B&G Zeus3 is packed full of dedicated sailing features:
    • SailSteer: This screen combines key sailing data into one, clear, easy-to-read display
      • Heading
      • Wind
      • Laylines
      • Tide
      • Wind Angle Target indicator
      • Wind Shift Sectors
    • Laylines: Navigation data is calculated via laylines rather than in simple straight-line waypoint to waypoint routes
    • RacePanel: Provides proven race features
      • Start Line
      • Start Line on Chart
      • Race Timer
      • Windward/Leeward Course Builder
      • What If?
  • Excellent screen visibility with ultra-wide viewing angles
  • High performance for responsive operation and chart redraw
  • Built in Wi-Fi for easy access to charts, weather, updates, support and screen mirroring
  • Built in ForwardScan™ sonar support for safer passage through shallow waters
  • Integrates seamlessly with other B&G displays and accessories in a boat-wide system

4G Radar Features:

  • Designed for optimal target separation, Broadband 4G Radar is the world's first dome radar to use Beam Sharpening which significantly improves azimuth resolution - the effective horizontal beam width of the radar signal
    • The result is a resolution that is equivalent to a 3.5 foot, open array radar
  • Range: Up to 50% more range and target detection ability than 3G; 2X more than BR24
  • Same proven short range performance as 3G and BR24
  • Azimuth Resolution: Up to 2X better than 3G / BR24 using Target Separation Mode control - same as 3.5' Open array
  • Dual Range: Provides totally independent radar display ranges and controls - including dual MARPA with (10) Targets on each side (20 total)
    • Note: MFD model dependent High Speed Up to 48 RPM (Note: mode and MFD model dependent)
  • Directional Sidelobe Reduction: Advanced signal processing allows you to see small targets better next to large targets such as ships and bridges
  • InstantOn™: About 6 seconds max from cold boot start (faster than display boot time), instantaneous from standby
    • Faster than 3G/BR24
    • No need to wait for 2-3 minutes or more for conventional pulse radar to warm up
  • Low power draw: 21 Watts operating (dual range)/2.9 watts in standby, vs. 25/30w operating and ~10/15w in standby for 2/4kW pulse radars
    • Conserves power for smaller vessels and sailboats
    • Beneficial for complex installs on mid-size center consoles
    • 20-40% Savings in operating mode vs. 2/4 kW pulse radars
  • Low electromagnetic emissions 0.165 watts (at antenna port) vs. 1 watt for a cell phone
    • Easier to install and safer to use
    • Flexible mounting options with safe operation on smaller boats
    • Can run in anchorages and marinas
  • Connectivity: Connects to range of Navico multi-function displays via Ethernet
    • Same as 3G/BR24
    • Easier to install with small diameter connectors and thinner/lighter cabling
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